Салат-коктейль Мужская радость

измельченная отварная курица 2 ст.л.

нарезанная ветчина 2 ст.л.

нарезанный зеленый лук 2 ст.л.

нарезанные соленые огурцы 2 ст.л.

нарезанный отварной картофель 2 ст.л.

ржаные сухарики 2 ст.л.

майонез по вкусу

соль, перец по вкусу

горчица по вкусу

Твой любимый будет в восторге, если ты приготовишь этот салат в честь мужского праздника.


В стакан или порционную салатницу выкладываем слоями курицу, огурцы, картофель, лук, ветчину, грибы.

Каждый слой промазываем майонезом, смешанным с горчицей. Сверху посыпаем сухариками и подаем.

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1-2 table spoons of the crushed dry leaves of a nettle to pour into a porcelain cup, to fill in with warm water before reception dense kashitsy. Continuously stirring slowly to heat up it on pair in a current of 7-10 minutes, and then to put on the face and a neck. In 20-25 minutes a mask to remove a wadded tampon, and the person to rinse with warm water. Such nutritious masks do 2-3 times a week. They approach for any skin, but especially for dry and languid. Before drawing of a mask it is necessary to clear a skin losonom, and a dry skin also to grease with a fat cream.

That wanted by the woman? Certainly — to be beautiful. Always, everywhere, and under any circumstances. This beauty is given to Someone by nature and it is not necessary to put practically any efforts to keep its long time. But such ladies of unit. Basically to be attractive, it is necessary to be engaged in itself and to adhere to some rules. Female beauty influences both healthy food, and refusal of bad habits (alcohol, cigarettes), and also good cosmetics, and, certainly, sports. There is a set of complexes of exercises which influence a figure, doing its beautiful, harmonous and tightened. Fitness, aerobics, yoga — each lady can choose that approaches for it more only. It is possible to be engaged in gymnastics at home or will go to the fitness centre. Certainly, the second variant more effective as on employment under supervision of the trainer, practically manages nobody to indulge of indulgence and to be engaged not in full force. But nevertheless, if for visiting of fitness club you do not have time or the finance does not allow, always it is possible to pick up for itself an effective complex of exercises and to be engaged at home. Simply, to begin with it is necessary to be defined, you consider which sites of the body problem and to choose those exercises which will give loading on these parts of a body. For example, if you consider, that you need to dump some kg in the field of a waist — select for yourself every possible exercises for very thin waist.

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In der kosmetischen Praxis bildet der Sanddorn die Cremes, die Emulsionen, der Lotionen, der Masken, der Shampoos. Diese Komponente wird als mildernd, tonizirujushchego, des nahrhaften Mittels, das erhohend die Elastizitat der Haut sowohl die Personen als auch den Halse junger macht verwendet. Mischen Sie 1 Uhr den Loffel der sauren Sahne und erganzen Sie 1 Uhr den Loffel des Saftes des Sanddornes.

Obwohl es die Varianten der Ausfuhrung nicht ist wenig, aber ist eine genaue Forderung zu allen Arten: das Make-Up soll sehr sorgfaltig und akkurat erfullt sein, damit nichts eingeschmiert wurde, ist die Tusche nicht geflossen, es wurde die Pomade nicht verstrichen, anders wird der ganze Effekt zusammen mit der Kosmetik eingeschmiert sein.

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